Institutional Goals

In keeping with its emphasis on mission, WMCGW continues its mission educating students to care and to do collaborative services of worships and world missions. It guides students to promote spiritual awareness in global level; and it encourages faculty and students to relate their research to deal with various forms of problem emerging in plural context of current societies.

WMCGW serves students under various traditions and Christian heritages which include charismatic movement or separatism. WMCGW desires to assist students to adjust themselves within their traditions and setting and to be more effective to endeavor their mission through conservative and evangelical educational process.

As a community of education and faith WMCGW assumes that its education and mission shall be based on sincerity and passion for spreading gospel. As such, WMCGW shall continue to encourage students to grow in the maturity of theological and biblical integrity, fruits and gifts of Holy Spirit and dedication to ministry or world missions.  WMCGW is committed to providing biblical and theological education and practical missionary training to students who will contribute to evangelization of the world as a missionary, a lay minister and a pastor.