Master Curriculum

Course Titles and Level

All courses are at the Masters degree level. Courses are numbered 500 – 699. Course descriptions are provided separately.  Those courses marked by * refer to courses which can be waived by their advanced standing for those students who took them in the B.A. degree program in the same theological major.

Course Work

Foundational Studies (30 hours)


CHHI  510 History of Christianity

CHHI 520 History of Baptists

NTO 501 New Testament Orientation I

NTO 502 New Testament Orientation II

BIBL  650 Hermeneutics

OTO 551 Old Testament Orientation I

OTO 552 Old Testament Orientation II

THE 530 Systematic Theology I

THE 540 Systematic Theology II

THE 601 Contemporary Theological Issues

Language(18 hours)


GRK 510 Beginning Greek

GRK 550 Greek Syntax

GRK 650 Greek  Exegesis

HEB 510 Beginning Hebrew

HEB 550 Hebrew Syntax

HEB 650 Hebrew Exegesis

Professional Studies(33 hours)


PAR 500 Discipleship

PRA 510 Contemporary Evangelism

PRA 520 Worship

PRA 530 Sermon Preparation and Delivery

PRA 540 Spiritual Formation

PRA 650 World Mission

PRA 550 Church Administration

PRA 560 Pastoral Counseling

PRA 570 Church Planting

PRA 580 Pastoral Leadership

PRA 590 Church Growth

Bible Studies (15hours)


Choose Five

BIBL 601 Romans

BIBL 602 Acts

BIBL 603 Gospel of John

BIBL 604 Revelation

BIBL 605 Corinthians I & II

BIBL 606 Hebrews

BIBL 607 Pastoral Epistles

BIBL 608 I and II Peter

BIBL 609 Genesis

BIBL 610 Deuteronomy

BIBL 611 Psalms

BIBL 612 Joshua – Kings

BIBL 613 The Poetry of the O.T.

BIBL 614 Isaiah

BIBL 615 Jeremiah and Ezekiel

BIBL 616 Daniel

BIBL 617 Minor Prophets

 Total hours 96