Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Applicants who apply for financial aid or deferred payments must complete a Payment Plan Agreement prior to the first day of class. A partial payment may be arranged during the approval process for deferred payment, which will enable the student to attend the class. If the student’s financial aid is not approved, the student will be required to make a full payment before taking or continuing courses.

Multi-Installment Payment Plan Agreement

  • Scheduled automatic credit/debit card withdrawals are strongly recommended.
  • If a student uses the Automatic Withdrawal Option (AWO), the AWO authorization agreement must be completed.
  • Late registration will incur a $50 processing fee.
  • Failure to make a payment or arranging to make a payment following other terms of the Payment Plan Agreement may also result in an additional late fee of $20 per incident.
  • Requests to change any of the terms of the original agreement are also subject to a fee of $20 per incident.


Scholarships and Benefits

  • 50% of tuition will be offered to a person in current Christian ministry and immediate family member of ministry and minister after screening process.
  • Ministry certificate will be awarded to a graduate in Missiology studies.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

WMCGW has the minimum refund policy for a school that financially obligates the student for a semester as below,

Complete Withdrawal from the School

  1. 100 % refund for dropping all classes during the first 2 weeks of a semester
  2. When a student enters school but withdraws during semester a tuition shall be refunded depending on the number of attending weeks.

If a student attends 3-5 weeks 2/3 of a semester tuition shall be refunded; 6-10 weeks 1/3 of semester tuition shall be refunded and no refund after 11 weeks.

  1. For foreign students who is issued I-20 form, 0% refund after an enrollment.

Class Cancellation

  1. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient number of enrolled students the tuition shall be fully refunded. Refunds may require 30 days to process.