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WMCGW maintains a Theological Studies section in its library, and WMCGW students granted access and utilization to these books, as well as the rest of the library’s circulating and reference collections. In addition, WMCGW students granted to use the electronic databases of the Carolina Christian College Library System.

At the beginning of each academic semester, WMCGW students are given an orientation at the College Library.  Pending book orders by WMCGW shall be housed in the College Library due to limited space at WMCGW. Upon completing the book order and receipt, all books must be classified via bar code and call number identification number and placed into the system in a section designated for the WMCGW.

WMCGW students shall maintain all specifications and directives provided in this resource manual and are subject to all standards and/or procedures. Further, WMCGW Staff and Faculty will abide by all standards and procedures for funding and assistance as designated within the institution agreement. 

The library is a vital part of the educational program at WMCGW. The library supports the WMCGW institutional ministries. It is home to the qualified collection of Korean material that fits to the bilingual research in addition to English written collection.

The library serves a variety of academic disciplines in the humanities and social services, especially concentrating on theology, Bible commentary, church ministries, multi-cultural immigrant related resources, small business and conflict transformation. The collection of the library numbers currently over 10,000 items including books, journals, videos, tapes, DVDs, and sound recordings. The main collection is in open stacks and arranged according to the WMCGW Classification System. It provides our students, faculty, and staff free access to resources that reflect depth and diversity of opinions, and provides knowledge of the disciplines associated with the WMCGW class offerings and with developing lifelong interests and skills. 

Also, within driving distance is the Library of Congress, the second largest library in the world, with collections not limited by subject, format, and research materials in over 450 languages.