Code of Conduct


Chapel services are held two times a week and the whole community is invited and especially the seminary students are strongly encouraged to attend the chapel regularly.              
  • Sundays: Chapel (11 AM Fairfax Korean Church)
  • Wednesdays: Chapel (8 PM Fairfax Korean Church)

Attendance will be checked and will be considered as the basis for determining grades of Liturgy Practices.  The student who does not attend chapel services should attend local church of one’s preference and submit Liturgy Practice reports to chaplain.


At the beginning of each school year, new students receive electronic copies of the Student Handbook.  It contains much valuable information regarding students’ life at WMCGW.


Each student is required to sign a copy of the WMCGW Code of Conduct at enrollment.  Academic life at WMCGW is governed by the Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be taken seriously. WMCGW does impose disciplinary actions when appropriate. 


Each Christian is to be Christ-like in attitude and action.  This is neither automatic nor instantaneous, but a growth process.  This Christ-likeness does not come by observing certain outward expectations, but comes from within as the indwelling Spirit of God energizes the believer submitted to God (Rom 12:1-2; Phil 2:12-13).  As believers walk in fellowship with the Lord, being controlled and enabled by the Holy Spirit, they are changed to be more and more like Him (2 Cor 3:18; Phil 2:12-13,1 John 1:4-7).

Believers are to glorify God in their bodies and are to live holy lives (1 Cor 6:19-20; 1 Pet 1:13-16).  Love toward God is evidenced by love for those without Christ (note Paul’s example in 2 Cor 5:14 and Acts 18:5) and by love for fellow believers (1 John 3:16; 4:7-8).

Living by God’s grace, believers are to avoid even the appearance (every form) of wrongdoing (I Thess. 5:22).  Believers are called to freedom, but this is not to be an opportunity for the works of the flesh (Gal. 5:13).  Individuals who, after spiritual instruction (Gal. 6:1), continue to dishonor the Lord by persisting in un-Christ-like behavior or unruly conduct (Gal 5:19-22) may, after due process, be dismissed from WMCGW.