Student Service

Student Manual

All students enrolled at WMCGW shall be subject to the policies and procedures of the institution. The policies and procedures will be published in the Student Rules Section Policy. The Procedures shall clearly indicate the disciplinary responsibilities of the WMCGW officials. In addition, it will note the regular disciplinary procedures, including the student’s right to appeal a decision, and the jurisdiction of faculty and student judicial bodies. The manual shall have the endorsement of the Student Academic Council, the Academic Dean, and the President.


A well-organized student counseling program shall be established to assist the students. A faculty counselor shall be assigned to each class to help the students with their educational problems. A professional counselor shall be available through the Academic Dean’s Office for the purpose of assisting the students in solving their social, personal, and academic problems.


The Director of Students has the responsibility to seek and provide students with opportunities to develop Christian leadership and spiritual ministry.  Within the Washington metropolitan area there are opportunities for institutional work in jails, homeless shelters, struggling churches, hospitals, and nursing homes.  Everything is to be done to ensure that students will achieve maximum degree of benefit and fulfillment from personal involvement in various types of practical Christian work and community service throughout the Washington area.

Clearance Procedure for Graduation / Withdrawal

Students enrolled at WMCGW who will be graduating or wishing to withdraw from WMC are required to receive clearance by completing a Clearance Form for Graduation/Withdrawal issued by the Registrar. This Clearance Form must he completed, signed-off by the Registrar, and placed in the student’s file prior to graduation so that any requests for services (issuance of Official Transcripts, letter of Certification, letter of attendance verification, letter of recommendation, etc.) can be issued on behalf of the student. The WMCGW reserves the right to refuse services to a student if his/her student file does not have a valid and complete Clearance Form.